11 Best Crypto Trading Bots in 2022

Crypto trading has become more streamlined and efficient with crypto trading bots. If you are thinking of dabbling in cryptos in 2021, it may be a good idea to find out about crypto trading bots. These are essentially computer programs designed to execute trades on your behalf. So, as a newcomer you can make successful trades without having much experience. Even experienced traders can benefit from the best-known crypto trading bots. What you need is an understanding of how the crypto market behaves and how these bots work.’

Want to Trade Automatic? See Top 10 Crypto Trading Bots in 2021

Top 11 crypto trading bots in 2022:

  • Cryptohopper: This bot trades round-the-clock and uses cloud storage. You will not face any downtime when you use Cryptohopper. Updates are carried out without any trade interruptions. Even if the network is offline, the account will continue to run. Starting off with Cryptohopper is easy as the interface is intuitive.
  • Trality: This bot is known for its automated strategies and perfect for anyone keen to build creative and intricate algorithms. The community-oriented infrastructure helps you become better as a trader. It is suitable for both newcomers and experienced traders; they can use a Rule Builder tool for building the bot’s logic. Code Editor is perfect for advanced users well-versed with Python coding.
  • Shrimpy: It lets you connect to as many as 18 exchanges for managing your portfolio. You can choose from enterprise, professional, or starter accounts. Shrimpy is available for economical rates and you can trust it to handle your investments when you do not have much time. You may create a demo account to test the waters and use social trading feature to copy experts.
Top 10 Crypto trading bots in 2022 - TargetTrend
  • Pionex: This is ideally suited for new traders looking for simplicity. It is a cryptoexchange having 16 free bots. You can simply choose one to build your account without having to undergo complex set-ups. Since it is a mobile trade platform, it is suited for those trading on-the-go.
  • TradeSanta: A cloud-based bot allowing you to automate trades across multiple exchanges. It saves time and effort and traders can choose their preferred settings. To scale up your trading, you are free to create as many bots as you like.
  • Botsfolio: This is a robust crypto trading bot which is perfect for those lacking trading or coding skills. It helps you choose an investing goal, connect your exchange, and receive updates and track trade activities on its intuitive dashboard. With its advanced algorithms and real-time market analysis, the trading bot can help you discover the best meme coins to invest in 2024 with high potential for significant returns. So, if you’re ready to dive into the exciting world of meme coins, harness the power of this trading bot to optimize your investment strategy and maximize your potential gains.
  • Zenbot: This bot is ideally suited for people keen to build their own bots and requiring coding assistance. You can configure it using diverse strategies and extend it as it is open-source. Zenbot is compatible with more than 11 cryptoexchanges, including big names like Binance, Bitfinex, and Kraken.
  • 3Commas: It has all the tools you require to generate the best returns for your investment. Whether it is trading signals integration multiple algorithms, or portfolio management, 3Commas has them all covered for you. You can avail of its freemium membership which is commission-free.
  • Gunbot: To use this bot, you must purchase the software in advance. It can be installed on any VPS or computer as it is compatible with Linux, Mac OS, Windows, and Raspberry Pi. You simply have to install it on the system, connect it to your preferred exchange with an API key, build a trade strategy, choose trading pairs, and activate the bot.
  • Bitsgap: This cloud-based bot lets you get started right away as there is downloading or setting up needed. You can get its demo practice mode, 25 and more cryptoexchanges, fully-automated portfolio management, and both desktop and mobile versions.
  • Immediate Profit: Immediate Profit is an algorithmic cryptocurrency trading bot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically execute trades on behalf of its users. According to Immediate Profit seriös, Immediate Profit claims to generate high returns for its users by making automated trades based on market trends and indicators.